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Martin Reh –

Entrepreneur, Supervisory Board, Entrepreneur Companion, Investor

Martin has been an international entrepreneur for over thirty years.

During this time, he was active as a managing partner and as a supervisory board member in various medium-sized companies in Germany and in various European countries.

He has built up more than a dozen of his own companies, had to manage hundreds of employees, was responsible for sales and investments in the 2 and 3-digit million range.

As a true full-blooded entrepreneur, he has mostly stood behind his own companies with personal responsibility.

Martin holds international university degrees in addition to various educations.

Martin has demonstrated social commitment for 15 years through intensive personal involvement as a board member for various educational institutions (kindergartens and schools).

He has been married to Amira Susanne Reh for thirty years and is the father of an (almost) grown-up son.

Martin currently lives with his family on the beautiful Lake Constance on the Swiss side. He and his wife prefer to spend the winter months in the south, preferably in Mallorca and Dubai.

In addition to working as an entrepreneur in the field of real estate and asset management, Martin now accompanies and advises entrepreneurs from the DACH countries and internationally.

His maxims as an entrepreneur are:

"Standing still is the beginning of regression."

"Who wants to go forward, must not think backwards."

"Those who don't want to, find reasons. Those who want to, find ways."

His personal motto in life is:

„Allways look on the bright side of life.”


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